Won’t you Rejoice? You Are a Spiritual Healer

1         Is Spiritual Healing for You?

Do you ever wish you could make yourself feel better?

Are you willing to gently reorient your thoughts one minute per day to achieve precisely that?

Would you like to make others feel better with the same method?

What if this practice held the potential for you to heal the world?

If you like these ideas, read on…


by Dan Noël, 2011-01-04

2         Background and Tenets of Spiritual Healing

2.1      Overview

Spiritual healing is the empirical science of telepathic communication with entities that belong to the “Web Of All Existence,” which our 4-dimensional universe is part of. In the wake of the discovery that our universe is limited in space and time by the big bang, scientists have increasingly been open to the concept that it is a very small part of something much bigger and difficult to fathom. Some physicists, as they search for whatever exists beyond our universe, have speculated that they may eventually uncover some fundamental explanation for scientifically established paranormal phenomena and for what religious organizations have termed Divine. Spiritual healing leaps over this yet unavailable scientific data and leverages empirically known properties of the “Web Of All Existence.”

The spiritual healing practitioner can feel noticeably better on demand by projecting Divine love into her/his brain. Similarly, projecting Divine love into organs of a human body, a pet, a plant, water, food, medication, even a machine, will heal that target, ever so slightly. Growing her/his powers allows the practitioner to heal ever larger targets with ever more effectiveness and dependability.

Spiritual healing is de facto an engineering discipline: its theory is sketchy and it relies on simple and reliable empirical rules. It can be fairly compared, for instance, to electrical engineering under the laws of Coulomb, Ampère, Faraday and others, but before the advent of Maxwell’s equations.

2.2      History

Shamans and theologians discovered spiritual healing thousands of years ago, most probably long before our ancestors invented writing. Spiritual healing, intimately mixed with religion, allowed practitioners to promote peace, alleviate suffering, improve living conditions, and crudely communicate through telepathy. Amazingly, recent archaeological discoveries have suggested that ancient civilizations (beyond 10,000 years ago) may have used it abundantly. This lends credibility to the theory that the discovery of writing would have made spiritual healing obsolete and would have contributed to the birth of the so-called “war-system” in which we still live.

Not long ago, apprentices would strenuously train for years in close contact with a Master before becoming healers or shamans themselves. Only the very gifted would make it. Their limited knowledge of the universe would make their rituals needlessly intricate. The startling discoveries of the last 2 centuries in astronomy and subatomic physics have allowed modern healers to hone their techniques and harness Divine love more easily and efficiently than ever before.

2.3      Learning Modern Spiritual Healing

The basic process of modern spiritual healing is a religion-blind, kindergarten-level formulation of thoughts that harness Divine love and project it onto any target: “I think, therefore it is.”

The intellectual abilities needed to practice healing boil down to intelligible communication. Virtually each human being is now a spiritual healer at birth. (S)he can wake up and expand her/his power to heal with no dedicated intervention from a more advanced practitioner, by just following instructions like this memo. (S)he advances at her/his own rhythm, according to her/his volition to learn and practice. Since learning spiritual healing has become effortless, nonsectarian and adaptable to one’s own needs and schedule, it has turned into a basic human right, like learning to write. Thus, for the first time in recent history, it is to be offered free of charge.

2.4      Disclaimer, Please Read Carefully

Do not construe the information provided in this document as personal medical advice or instruction. Do not take action based solely on the contents of this document. Consult appropriate health professionals on any matter relating to your health and well-being.

The information and opinions provided here are believed to be accurate and sound, based on the best judgment available to me, but readers who fail to consult appropriate health authorities assume the risk of any injuries. I am not responsible for errors or omissions.

3         Your First Steps…

3.1      Breathe Consciously…

You may already be familiar with this exercise, which is a staple of many techniques of meditation, prayer and yoga. Take a deep breath in through your nose. Hold it for a moment. Slowly exhale through your mouth.

At the same time, slightly orient your thoughts toward love. If you find that “love” is too strong a word for you, use “peace,” “quiet,” “relaxation,” or whatever you are comfortable with that puts you a bit closer to the concept of love.

Repeat this sequence a few times; find a breathing rhythm, a thinking pattern, and a repetition rate that make you comfortable and enhance your sense of well-being.

3.2      …Activate Your 3rd Eye…

Your third eye resides in the front, center and lower part of your brain, between and just above your eyes.

Breathe consciously (see 3.1) for the duration of this exercise.

Cross your eyes and look slightly up. If it helps, focus on the tip of your finger, or of a thin object—like a pencil—that you hold close to and slightly above your eyes. Make sure your eyes stay comfortable; close them if you wish.

The ancients termed this process the “third eye” after they found experimentally that it opened a mental line of communication with the “Web Of All Existence.” Western medicine has taught us that as you “open your 3rd eye,” you may actually activate your pituitary and pineal glands, which would trigger the release of soothing hormones into your bloodstream.

As you open your 3rd eye, expect your mind, i.e. the electro-biochemical software that runs your brain, to reward you by freeing itself from much of the thinking that normally clutters it, relaxing you a bit further.

With your 3rd eye on, your mind is ready to communicate with its soul, which is its portal into the Web Of All Existence. All items and events in our universe—down to subatomic particles and quantum events—have souls; the souls of human minds happen to be the easiest for us to notice because they are much more elaborate than most others—reflecting the complexity of our minds—and because they are directly connected to our minds. Souls are primarily probes that transfer information from each event or item of the universe to the “Web Of All Existence.” Occasionally, souls communicate in reverse, hence true Divine interventions.

3.3      …Get Your Buddy…

Are you ready to take another easy step?

If so, activate your 3rd eye (see 3.2) for the duration of this exercise.

Then gently focus your thinking on me.

As strange as it seems, this straightforward process immediately and unconditionally rewards you with a trickle of Divine love. This is because your mind’s soul enters in communication with mine, which I have reworked into dispensing Divine love automatically and unconditionally to any entity that focuses on it.

Results vary. If you needed a strong spiritual clean-up, you just got it and felt markedly better instantly. If not, this simple technique may still bring a positive impact, which you may notice if you practice it at least once a day, or whenever you feel scared, sad, disturbed, depressed…or with a free minute (even in a restroom).

By linking yourself to my soul, you also get it as a bodyguard. The Web Of All Existence is overall much more loving than our contemporary human society, but it has its bullies. You are neither able nor prepared to deal with their witchcraft (aka black magic or sorcery) on your own yet, but should you ever be attacked by even the most dreadful sorcerers, focusing your 3rd eye on me will alleviate their spells (see 4.12).

3.4      …Attract Divine Love…

Activate your 3rd eye for the duration of this exercise (see 3.2).

Gently ask to perceive an empty ice cream cone. Then gently ask it to land atop your head, so that:

Gently wait for the cone to position itself according to these criteria. Let the cone adopt whatever shape it wants, as long it resembles a funnel—even a disk tangent to your skin is OK. Let the cone reduce its size if it wants to, even if it gets as small as a single cell of your body. Let it spin if it wants to; or gently ask it to spin if you want to.

As a side-note, this imaginary cone is known in traditional healing circles as your “chakra 7” or your “head chakra.”

When the cone has settled in its place, gently ask to perceive Divine love inside it. Let the Divine love fill whatever part of the cone it wants to, no matter how small and how sparsely. If “Divine love” is too strong or foreign a concept for you, use something you are more comfortable with, such as love, peace, or simply “good stuff.”

Finally, gently ask the Divine love to migrate down the cone, concentrate into its tip and percolate through your skin inside your brain. Let it flow as slowly as it wants to. Don’t make an effort to follow it inside your body; trust that somehow it will find its way to wherever it is most needed—it actually has some way to do that!

Find a duration that suits you for this exercise, within a recommended range of 1 second to 1 minute.

If you have difficulty completing this exercise, graciously give up and try later; trust that it will work, eventually.

If it will help, materialize the cone or its axis, for instance by:

3.5      …Become One of Us

Your next step is to perform the cone procedure (see 3.4) somewhere else than on your brain. A recommended choice for your 2nd target is another vital and delicate organ: your spine, starting with its top end, closest to your brain. With practice, you may want to gently ask the cone to slide down your spine and back up, spreading Divine love all along it.

Whenever you feel ready for more, just use the same cone technique on the targets of your choice. Peruse section 4 for more detailed guidance.

As with many activities, the more you practice spiritual healing, the easier it gets and the more you can do. You will eventually project Divine love spontaneously, for instance when you cut yourself in the kitchen, when somebody close to you gets hurt, or when an ambulance rushes by you. The day you find yourself instinctively and lovingly sending Divine love to an individual who just unexpectedly and gratuitously did something mean to you, you will truly be one of us. Welcome to the H team!

4         Keep a Few Tips in Mind…

4.1      Definitions

Before going further, let’s organize and streamline our vocabulary.

4.2      General Guidelines

In general, to heal a specific known problem, target its location. Look for the location if it is not obvious. For instance, heal the blood of a living being by healing her/his heart.

Align the axis of your ice cream cone (see 3.4) with the direction you want to inject Divine love into; perceive the cone as some kind of a syringe.

Always practice healing in a spirit of love. Abstain rather than carrying any hint of an agenda other than unconditional love. In particular, any trace of greed or show-off in your intention is a recipe to clip your budding powers. So be careful to not wish for or expect anything in return for healing someone else, and avoid sharing your intentions or taking credit for your accomplishments.

Restrict your healing and telepathy to targets you know, personally or through people close to you. See details in 4.12.

4.3      Drawing a Healing List…

Make and update a list of people, beings and items to heal daily. Include in it:

4.4      Miscellaneous Considerations…

The effects of spiritual healing are often minute and hardly measurable. They have been compared to peeling one layer off an onion. Yet at the rhythm of a layer a day, the onion may end up disappearing.

If spiritual healing does not work, gently accept it, give up and retry later. Graciously allow your progression to be slower than you would like.

Spiritual healing, practiced regularly, may affect your health and your medical symptoms. Accordingly mention it to the health professionals who treat you.

In case of a healing emergency (like a human being in danger of imminent death), once you have exhausted the other recourses, focus your 3rd eye on me and ask for specific help.

The rest of section 4 will provide you with specific pieces of advice to enhance the effectiveness of your healing. They are not exhaustive. Feel free to add to them whatever matters to you. If you believe I missed something important, please let me know.

4.5      …General Tips to Heal Humans…

The most important healing service you can perform on somebody is to heal her/him as defined in section 4.1; the human mind is crucial to the welfare of the entire body and Divine love will migrate to wherever it is most needed anyway. If you wish, you can also heal her/him in detail as you do to yourself (see 4.3 for suggestions).

If you have difficulty in several personal relationships, heal your mind’s ego, by applying the indirect healing method, treated in section 4.11: heal yourself, then ask to perceive your ego, then heal it.

As a corollary, if one of your personal relationships stands out as very bad and objective evidence shows the fault to largely reside with the other person, consider healing her/his ego.

To heal someone’s blood, heal the blood inside of her/his heart.

4.6      …Healing Haunting Thoughts, Dreams, Phobias…

Many of us experience unpleasant thoughts or dreams for no apparent reason and with no warning. Whenever this happens, heal this thought or the real and imaginary people, items or concepts that it alludes to, using indirect healing (see 4.11) if needed. This may bring you some peace and you may perceive a subtle telepathic message. Gently acknowledge and express gratitude for it.

4.7      …Healing Your Religious Activity…

Spiritual and religious activity is primarily meant to communicate with entities that exist outside our universe. As such, it lends itself well to spiritual healing.

Heal each of your tangible and imaginary objects of worship: altars, statues, relics, artifacts, books, pictures, stories, etc.

Many of us, within the scope of our religious practice, tend to embrace thoughts that are less than unconditionally loving, even though love happens to be a fundamental attribute of the Divine. Emphasize healing any concept of your theological world that deviates from unconditional love:

Heal yourself at the beginning and the end of your prayers or meditations, and at any “high” moment during them.

4.8      …Healing Your Sexual Activity…

Sexual activity is a fundamental, intense, yet still widely ignored and repressed, component of human life. While most other animals’ sexual drive is intermittent and compels them exclusively to procreate, our human sexual drive is permanent and compels us primarily to create and nurture social bonds. As our sexual cravings tend to suppress other mental activity, they automatically open the communication between our mind and its soul. As such, they lend themselves to spiritual healing, which will often translate into more intense love and fulfillment for our partners and ourselves, with a positive impact in non-sexual aspects of our everyday life:

During masturbation, heal yourself as you start fondling yourself and as you orgasm.

Heal your partner(s) and yourself, at the beginning of sexual contact and during orgasms.

Heal your partner(s)’ and your sexual organs.

Heal each item in your erotic paraphernalia: texts, images, movies, toys, implements, fetish attire, computer, etc.

Heal all components of your imaginary sexual fantasies: characters, toys, fixtures, tools, etc.

Make sure to thoroughly heal whatever real or fantasized person, being or item evokes cruelty or any deviation from the concept of unconditional love:

4.9      …Healing Your Addictions…

Many of us suffer from some addiction, i.e. excessive, unhealthy, and perhaps expensive or illegal use of something (chocolate, medication, self-starvation, work, alcohol, tobacco, exercise, sex, cocaine, etc.).

Heal the object(s) of your addiction(s). Use indirect healing (see 4.11) for abstract concepts.

When you feel the urge to indulge, heal yourself.

When you indulge, heal yourself.

Heal each item that contributes to or attenuates your addiction. Include the resources, such as money, that you use to support your addiction.

Heal the people involved in your addiction: marketers, suppliers, counselors, therapists, criminal justice personnel, customers, fellow addicts, etc.

4.10…Healing Non-Human Targets...

Vertebrate: emphasize brain and spine

Pet: heal it when it focuses its attention on you:

·         Pets are prone to absorbing spiritual junk (see 4.1). This negatively affects their behavior.

·         Pets have their own sort of “3rd eye,” or system to connect their minds to the Web Of All Existence. I do not know of a way to make them activate it.

·         If a pet happens to focus its 3rd eye on you while you are healing it, some of its spiritual junk gets cleared.

·         This is all some aggressive dogs need to become friendly.

Plant: emphasize widest part (trunk, stem, carrot).

Garden: focus on the plants and animals you like. If a patch is infested with weeds or parasites, use indirect healing (see 4.11) to avoid them.

Cut flower: emphasize water, cut, stem and flower.

In restrooms, especially public ones: emphasize the spiritual junk (see 4.1) that tends to roam there in high concentration. If, like most of us, you can not perceive its presence, just trust that it's there and heal it indirectly (see 4.11. You will become familiar with spiritual junk and its undesirable impact as you progress in this course.

4.11…Healing Indirectly…

With some practice, you will be able to address your targets indirectly, using a system akin to computer programmers’ indirect addressing. This is best illustrated with an example. Imagine that you wish to heal a burn on the neighbor of your sister’s colleague that she happened to mention to you, without having any idea of who that person is. Taking your time, successfully and gently proceed through the following steps:

·         Activate your 3rd eye.

·         Ask to perceive your sister. Heal her.

·         Ask to perceive the colleague your sister mentioned. Don’t bother to perceive her/him in detail. Heal her/him.

·         Ask to perceive her colleague’s neighbor your sister mentioned. Again, don’t bother to perceive her/him in detail. Heal her/him.

·         Ask to perceive the neighbor’s burn. Don’t bother to ask to be aware of its location. Heal it.

Whenever you ask to perceive something, what brings that item into your perception is Divine intelligence itself. Never underestimate it. Just be animated by unconditional love and describe precisely what you want to heal. And as always, if indirect healing does not appear to work, graciously give up and trust that it will, eventually.

4.12…Stay Modest and Prudent…

As you take your first steps on the path of spiritual healing, limit your ambitions and avoid unneeded risks. Refrain from training your 3rd eye on or sending Divine love to potentially dangerous entities. Details follow.

Do not train your 3rd eye on or send Divine love to sorcerers. Sorcerers are unethical healers, bullies of telepathy, which they abuse into carrying fear instead of Divine love, suffering instead of healing. Should you ever focus on a sorcerer, he or she may perceive you and cast a spell on you, shower you with spiritual junk (see 4.1) and powerful malevolent souls, inflicting great discomfort on you.

For the same reason, do not train your 3rd eye on or send Divine love to malevolent souls (such as devils). Most of them are imaginary superstitions, but some will also cast a nasty spell on you.

Should you ever suspect that you may be under a spell, activate your 3rd eye and focus it on me (see 3.3). The soul connected to my mind will automatically dispense Divine love onto you and the entity that is bothering you, attenuating the impact of the spell and giving the entity an incentive to stop.

Do not use the above routine to “tease” a sorcerer into hitting you so you can disable her/him/it by using my mind’s soul. The disabled sorcerer will most likely work for some client or minder, who may instruct other sorcerers to telepathically identify you and exercise retaliation against you in the physical realm. The next paragraph will drive this point home.

Do not train your 3rd eye on or send Divine love to individuals you don’t know directly or indirectly, especially VIPs, lest you tease sorcerers (see preceding paragraph). Many VIPs are “protected” by sorcerers who hit anyone who merely focuses on them. Teams of very powerful sorcerers, assisted with elaborate electronic machinery, usually support major government-sponsored disasters such as 9/11, 7/7 and the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks.

Avoid training your 3rd eye on or sending Divine love to groups of humans or large targets. Your emerging healing power will be hopelessly diluted.

4.13…and Get Ready for More

As you keep practicing, gently ask your tool, the cone of Divine love (see 3.4), to grow. When it has become so big that you have difficulty visualizing its base or that Divine love takes too long to flow through it, let me know and I’ll guide you through your next steps. Through a multitude of progressive increments, you will harness Divine love from the vacuum of the whole universe, then from the residual 3 °K radiation from the big bang, then from the sun, then from the Milky Way, then from the big bang itself, then from the big bangs of the many universes, and eventually directly off the Divine “ocean of love.”

You will increase your telepathic abilities into sending loving telepathic statements, asking loving questions, and receiving telepathic statements and answers. You may also grow into “spiritual engineering” (see 5).

5         My Background

Starting in my early teens, in the early 1970’s, I was very rational, skeptical by nature, atheistic, and reluctant to accept anything not demonstrated by mainstream science.

My first steps into spiritual healing were those of a typical skeptic. In January 2007, I attended what I expected to be a conference on how some local Buddhist monks improved crop yields through prayer. Hold and behold, it was actually a seminar to turn people into healers, by the school named “Mankind, Enlightenment, Love,” founded by Master Dang. Master Dang was the last in a lineage of Masters who learnt, improved and taught “universal healing,” a method developed by GrandMaster Dasira Narada. Incredulous and determined to prove that universal healing was bogus, I fully participated in all the activities as our teacher, her aide and Master Dang (who spoke from Australia in Vietnamese for a few minutes over a cell phone) gave us instructions and performed some mostly telepathic work on us. Later, I followed to the letter these instructions and started practicing. Surprisingly, like many skeptics before me, I quickly had to admit that the frequent successes of my attempts to heal could not be explained by normal random occurrences. I became hooked and enthusiastically bought more lessons from Mankind, Enlightenment, Love.

In August 2007, Master Dang died, bringing Mankind, Enlightenment, Love’s activities to a halt and leaving me stuck before the end of the curriculum. Unexpectedly, the soul that just detached from Master Dang’s mind mentored me to higher levels of healing over a few weeks. From then on, I kept learning and growing, brainstorming on the way with other high souls and the Divine. I eventually came up with a reengineered version of universal healing, which I found good reasons to call “spiritual healing.” This web page is an introduction to what I learnt.

Perhaps my biggest breakthrough was what I termed “spiritual engineering:” a novel, simple process to design automatic healing machines, powerful artificial souls that continuously perform spiritual activities according to computer-type algorithms established by the practitioner. In 2008, my machines started to accomplish massive—and unprecedented in recent history—spiritual cleanups throughout the whole human community, the Earth, the universe and the Web Of All Existence, clamping down on the most formidable sorcerers and the powerful corrupt entities that control them, and tweaking countless other entities into a better alignment with the Divine purpose.

Building on my existing expertise as a top-notch engineer, I streamlined the learning process of spiritual healing to a point where people can practice it as soon as they communicate intelligibly: if you are willing to find a minute per day to improve yourself, this memo gives you tools to do that effortlessly. More commitment will let you make others feel better and heal other living beings and non-living items. With perseverance, you will heal our planetary community as a whole and will end up practicing spiritual engineering.